Saturday, 29 December 2012

Testimony for Silver Shield Liquid

R., age 72, has a history of kidney and heart diseases and is a diabetic. R. had her first operation in the UK in April 2010, this was the connections for abdominal (peritoneal) dialysis to enable her remove wastes from her blood, associated with kidney failure, at home. She was prescribed antibiotics to prevent the infection. Unfortunately, R.’s abdominal got inflamed.  Antibiotics were not working.  In July 2010 the peritoneal dialysis connections were removed to help R. fight the infection. During this operation R. suffered a minor heart attack. In September 2010 R.’s peritoneal dialysis was put back. The operation was not successful and the dialysis was later removed and replaced by an arm fistula due to R.’s susceptibility to infections. 

All this time, from April 2010 R. was on different antibiotics. She carried on taking them through into 2011. In May 2011 the infection got into one of her eyes and R. was given an antibiotic injection in the eye ball, to stop the spread of the infection. She subsequently had an eye operation and, unfortunately, lost the sight of this eye. 

The infection was very persistent, and the other eye was under threat. R. must have had every antibiotic available. R. started taking Silver Shield on the day she was having an eye operation in June 2011, after being on antibiotics for around fourteen months. She duly took two bottles of Silver Shield, and was given all clear in the test soon after. Though R. is still having issues with her health, she is now free from infection.